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In addition to our standard product offerings, Tenrehte provides a wide range of service offerings from product integration services, to electronic product design and manufacturing services with a focus on clean and green technologies.

Product Integration Services

Our product integration services provide engineers with the knowledge and skills to install, configure, and maintain our standard products. If you do not have the time or the necessary resources to perform this work, one of our engineers is available to assist you. In addition, if you desire to fully integrate one of our standard products into your product offering, including purchasing our standard products on an OEM or white label basis, our engineers are ready to assist your team.

Product Design And Manufacturing Services

Tenrehte electronic product design and manufacturing services utilize our advanced design processes and best in class methodologies ensuring your products get to market faster. Design complexity and tight schedules force companies to examine all available options to reduce the risks involved in creating a product and managing all engineering activities in-house. Whether you desire to develop a leading-edge energy efficiency system, energy conservation device, or clean sheet design, technology experts at Tenrehte help customers cost-effectively and rapidly deliver their mission-critical product development plans. Our designers collaborate closely with customers to optimize their products without compromising performance, power consumption, cost, or schedule goals. Tenrehte also provides a range of risk mitigation options that span the entire range of engineering development and implementation of products at all engineering levels including system, board level, software, firmware, digital and analog signal processing, digital embedded controllers, and digital, custom, and mixed-signal integrated circuit design projects.

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Tenrehte Technologies PICOwatt Smart Plug Tenrehte Technologies PICOwatt Smart Plug Tenrehte Technologies PICOwatt Smart Plug Tenrehte Technologies PICOwatt Smart Plug Tenrehte Technologies PICOwatt Smart Plug