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Founded in 2009, Tenrehte® Technologies is a privately-held company that designs and delivers Smart Wi-Fi!™ enabled, fully integrated product platforms for energy monitoring, control, and management. Our patented (US 9,438,492 ; US 9,197,949 ; US 10,462,022 ; US 11,196,650 ; GB2499164) products provide a market leading combination of high-performance, low power consumption, and superior applications flexibility.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission: To develop technologies, award winning products and initiatives to continually advance energy efficiency and reduce energy waste of any electric device that is a part of your daily life.

The future of application spaces such as energy conservation, demand response, intelligent power management, and Smart Grid depends upon hassle-free plug-and-play connectivity; Tenrehte delivers the technology required to revolutionize wireless devices for these applications and more!

Our Vision

Tenrehte's vision is to be the recognized leader in providing the most innovative, cost effective, wireless energy efficiency solutions to our customers. We will use the most advanced technologies to exceed customer expectations.

And our vision is guided by basic human emotion: how it feels to protect and preserve the environment for future generations, or to save money, or finding joy in using products that work exactly how you want them to, or why outstanding customer service is a promise we keep.

Corporate Responsibility

Key elements of our corporate responsibility include:

  • Dedication to our customers to deliver the most complete turn-key solutions through a combination of innovative hardware, software, and services
  • Embracing technology to ensure business sustainability
  • Accountability to shareholders
  • Commitment to employees and their families
  • Service to our Partners
  • Exemplary relationships with suppliers
  • Partnering with the local communities
  • Minimizing impact on the environment

Preserving the Environment

Tenrehte recognizes that maintaining a healthy, vibrant environment is vital for sustainable growth supporting future generations. We are committed to surpassing environmental standards and being proactive in dealing with concerns for the environment by combining technological innovation with sound environmental business decisions at every step of a product's life cycle. We insist that our supplier's world wide utilize environmentally responsible processes that exceed local standards through their entire business.


Part of this commitment is recognizing the benefits of removing lead and other hazardous substances from our products. As a result, our products are designed to meet the lead-free and hazardous substance-free standard. Adopted in February 2003 by the European Union, the RoHS directive went into effect on July 1, 2006. While the RoHS directive is not a law, it is a serious attempt to control the amount of toxic waste that finds its way into our environment.

Responsible Sourcing

As a leading global supplier of technology, products and services, Tenrehte and its affiliates have a zero-tolerance policy for forced labor and human trafficking. Tenrehte is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility across our worldwide supply chain. It is imperative that our suppliers treat all of their workers with dignity and respect, and each supplier must provide safe working conditions for each and every employee.

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